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The Guide to Battling Inner Dragons for the Modern Geek

Some people get up and go to work. Other people have to fight a dragon to get there. Or a series of dragons. Not real dragons, of course. Metaphoric ones – the dragons of despairing depression and agonizing anxiety, the dragons that burn us with shame about our supposed “not-good-enoughness”¬†at the pit of our stomach. Those dragons.

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Psychology of TV Shows – how they help and why we love them

I was born in Ukraine, my family immigrated to the United Stated when I was 12. Being the new girl, who did not speak a word of English, and coming from another country and from a poor family meant getting teased, bullied, and not even understanding what or why this was happening. My family worked long hours and whether I was home alone or surrounded by people in my Junior High School, I was very lonely. It seemed like there was no one that was safe enough for me to talk to or connect with… that is until I started watching TV Shows.

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Lonely in the crowd: the power of connection in fighting the depression blues

Have you ever had an experience like this: you’re surrounded by many people and yet you feel very alone. In fact, you might have even attempted to voice how you felt to someone else only to be shamed for feeling this way, “you shouldn’t feel lonely, look at all the people around you,” or better yet “other people have it much worse than you, you should be grateful for what you have.”

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