Month: October 2016

Finding courage after bullying

Bullying affects many people every single day. People around the world are being emotionally and physically tortured, many of them taking their own lives. Some research studies suggest that a history of bullying can make the individual more likely to develop depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, substance abuse, chronic pain, or other disorders.

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When “Weird” Means Wonderful in the Accountant

Guest post: Harpreet Malla, M.A.

When my two greatest passions, movies and mental health, intersect, I become very excited. Especially when it is done well. I was invited to a pre-screening of director Gavin O’Connor’s The Accountant, written by Bill Dubuque, and while I expected a good thriller, I did not expect a genre-fluid, well-rounded portrayal of someone with tendencies of Asperger’s Syndrome. Note that the portrayal is sensationalized for entertainment purposes, but still retains value in its complex look at its characters and their unique struggles. The following review will explore themes of mental health in The Accountant, and as always with my writing, do so with minimal spoilers so you can save the treat of watching it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. The following will contain details that will not spoil any plot points moreso than viewing the trailer (see link below) or first fifteen minutes of the movie would.

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