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The Kilgrave Effect: Why people don’t report their rapists

*Parts of this post previously appeared on the Legion of Leia

Jessica Jones, a popular Marvel superhero is known not only for her physical strength but also for her psychological resilience. Years after she gains her superpowers, Jessica is psychologically manipulated by an evil villain, Kilgrave (A.K.A. Purple Man). Kilgrave uses his influence over Jessica to force her into a sexual relationship with him, as well as to force her to do things she normally would not do. Read More

Psychology of Harry Potter: Post 3 of 3 (depression)

“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it”

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the  Goblet of Fire

While not many of us have lost our parents to a dark wizard, many of us can relate to a deep deep sense of loss, having lost someone or something that meant a lot to us. That is also the story of Harry Potter. From the very beginning of the series we learn about the terrible loss, depression, and trauma that Harry and later, his friends, endure.

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Self-compassion for the modern geek

I believe that most of us are compassionate individuals, that is when we see other people or other animals suffering, most of us genuinely want to be a Superhero and to help. However, what happens when we are too emotionally overwhelmed to help someone else? This blog post and video discuss how we can practice self-care so that we are able to reduce burnout and are better able to take care of ourselves and others. Read More

Did you ever want to be a Superhero? What do Batman, Harry Potter, and The Doctor teach us about facing our fears

Did you ever wish that you could have amazing Superpowers or that you would suddenly discover that you were really a witch or a wizard? Many of us often wish for special powers, especially when times are rough and we might just want to find our strength in something. It’s often for this reason that we tend to relate to fictional characters that have undergone similar experiences to us.  Read More

Psychology of Frozen: What makes this Disney movie unlike any other

Disney’s Frozen is now considered to be one the of the best Disney films of all time. What makes this animated film unlike any other Disney movie and why is it that one of its songs, Let it Go, is so loved by children, adults, firemen, active duty Marines, and people of all backgrounds? To answer these questions we are going to look at some psychological themes depicted in this powerful film. Read More