Month: July 2014

Did you ever want to be a Superhero? What do Batman, Harry Potter, and The Doctor teach us about facing our fears

Did you ever wish that you could have amazing Superpowers or that you would suddenly discover that you were really a witch or a wizard?¬†Many of us often wish for special powers, especially when times are rough and we might just want to find our strength in something. It’s often for this reason that we tend to relate to fictional characters that have undergone similar experiences to us.¬† Read More

Talk Nerdy to Me

While there is still a lot of stigma and bullying that many fellow geeks face each and every day, I am thrilled to see such a vast growth and expansion of geek culture around the world.
I’d like to propose a virtual toast to celebrate this occasion and propose the song below as an official geek/nerd anthem:

Psychology of Frozen: What makes this Disney movie unlike any other

Disney’s Frozen is now considered to be one the of the best Disney films of all time. What makes this animated film unlike any other Disney movie and why is it that one of its songs, Let it Go, is so loved by children, adults, firemen, active duty Marines, and people of all backgrounds? To answer these questions we are going to look at some psychological themes depicted in this powerful film. Read More