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April, 7 2018: Episode 9 (Psychology of Gaming)

In this week’s episode, Dr. Scarlet and Dustin discuss the different ways that video games provide cognitive advantages and therapeutic benefits.

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March 24, 2018: Episode 8 (Black Panther)

People can’t get enough of Black Panther in the movie theaters. If you’re wanting even more…Dustin and Dr. Scarlet take a deeper dive into the character in this week’s episode.

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February 24, 2018: Episode 7 (The Good Place)

Did you ever think you’d get to listen to a podcast about the psychology of The Afterlife?  Well, welcome to this week’s episode of Superhero Therapy.  Today, Dustin and Dr. Scarlet discuss The Good Place.

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January 20, 2018: Episode 6 (Dr. Who)

Doctor Who began in November of 1963.  After 54 years and 13 regenerations, the doctor has regenerated into a woman. Join Dustin McGinnis and Dr. Janina Scarlet, as well as special guests, Alan Kistler and Josué Cardona in discussing the psychology behind the Doctor’s compassion, emotional connection and losses, as well as the importance of diversity and representation.  They’ll also dive into the psychology of the most terrifying monsters of the show.


December 9, 2017: Episode 5 (Star Wars)

Dr. Scarlet and Dustin are joined by Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez (Fifth Brother – Star Wars Rebels) to discuss psychology and Star Wars.  Topics include character journeys, what makes good or evil, the concept of hope and much more.

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December 1, 2017: Episode 4 (Stranger Things)

Even though Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, the success of the series is due to its broad appeal.  In this episode, we take a closer look at how the lives and relationships of the characters relate to real life.  Find out how Dr. Scarlet connects with Eleven and her struggles.  We’ll discuss what might be happening to Will as he deals with flashbacks and episodes (PTSD? The Anniversary Effect?).  We’ll take a close look at the relationship Max has with her step brother, Hopper has with Eleven and Eleven has with Dr. Brenner.  How could she remain attached to a man who tortured her?  Is it Stockholm Syndrome?  We’ll also attempt to figure out what psychological representations could be found in The Upside Down.  Finally, we’ll talk about what the series shows us about being a friend and a hero.



November 11, 2017:  Episode 3 (Game of Thrones)

It might be exhilarating or shocking to get into the minds of the heroes and villains of Game of Thrones, but that’s what Dr. Scarlet does in today’s episode.  Join her and Dustin as they discuss Brienne, Ramsay, Tyrion and more.


October 28, 2017: Episode 2 (Jessica Jones and the Killgrave Effect)

The psychology of Jessica Jones is heavily rooted in the trauma caused by The Purple Man (Zebadiah Killgrave).  In this episode, Dr. Scarlet explains how The Killgrave Effect’s impact on sexual assault is very real in today’s world.  In fact, a perfect example is present in one of today’s most talked about news stories.  Find out what it all means and how victims and their friends can become heroes. Listen HERE


October 14, 2017: Episode 1 (Harry Potter)

In this first episode of Superhero Therapy, Dr. Janina Scarlet & Dustin McGinnis talk about the psychological meanings depicted in Harry Potter’s life.  Did he suffer from PTSD? What do the boggarts represent?  What are the pros and cons of house placement?  They’ll discuss all of these questions and more. Superhero Therapy with Dr. Janina Scarlet on Assembly of Geeks.

October 19, 2017: So excited to announce that the first episode of the Superhero Therapy Podcast was reviewed by Roqoo Depot and was their “Pick of the Week.”  Check out the review on their website Here or read below.

Superhero Therapy: The Psychology of Harry Potter is hosted by Dr. Janina Scarlet and Dustin McGinnis as they tackle the psychology elements of the Harry Potter franchise, which gets pretty interesting. They talk about the correlation between Dementors and depression, how you can use Harry Potter to help in therapy, the use of boggarts in relation to fear, the separation of the houses and the similarity to the competitiveness in colleges and private schools. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this one is a great listen. It’s informative, but it’s not dry. They do a good job of engaging the listener’s interest. Plus they’ve got good audio quality and good hosts. Excellent debut episode. I’m also marking this one as my pick of the week as it was a clear standout.

Podcast Network: Assembly of GeeksRuntime: 25 minutes, Rating: Excellent, Pick of the Week