Fall’s most exciting geeky trailers all in one place

Fall is nearly here and you know what that means: our favorite TV shows are back once again, accompanied with some pumpkin goodness. Here are some of the most exciting trailers for the upcoming series this season has to offer and when to expect them:

Gotham premiers on September 22 on Fox, exploring the origin stories of Gotham’s most notorious heroes and villains

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Psychology behind The Iron Druid Chronicles

I had the honor of interviewing Kevin Hearne, the New York Times best-selling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles, exactly 1 year ago and yet I did not have the courage to post this until now. Since then, his new book came out, he’s had many more exciting news and events to report but I simply couldn’t post this. I couldn’t figure out why until very recently when I started doing some soul searching and digging into the study of vulnerability. Suddenly it all made sense, it clicked like a seatbelt, creating a lightbulb eureka-like sensation in my brain.

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Psychology of bullying

I’ve been invited to submit a blog post of psychology of bullying to the amazing Legion of Leia blog.

Recently there has been an increase in cyber bullying. Why do people engage in bullying others? In order to fully understand bullying behavior, we must first understand its opposite, compassion. Click here to read the article analyzing the psychology and the science behind both compassion and bullying.


All about the F-Word: FEMINISM vs. online bullying

Jenna Busch

Jenna Busch

Today we will be discussing one of the most important F-Words – Feminism. Just to be clear, this word simply refers to general equality (i.e., economic, social, political), as well as overall respect for women’s rights. Largely misunderstood, this term historically resulted in occasionally ludicrous posts, where people outright reject feminism based on the mistaken notion that it refers to more traditional sex roles or that it requires a certain political affiliation, profession, job title, social status, or physical appearance. In addition, people who support feminism, such as a TV-host and writer, Jenna Busch, have been bullied and occasionally even threatened. This post further explores this problem, discusses its psychological implications, and offers some advice to those targeted by online bullying. Read More

Psychology Behind Doctor Who: Deep Breath

I’ve never fallen in love with The Doctor as quickly as I did with Peter Capaldi. There were so many psychological themes in the first episode of Season 8, Deep Breath, that I felt instantly connected to him and found him extremely relatable. Below is my review of the episode from a psychological standpoint. WARNING: CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS, CLICK TO READ MORE IF YOU DARE

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Self-compassion for the modern geek

I believe that most of us are compassionate individuals, that is when we see other people or other animals suffering, most of us genuinely want to be a Superhero and to help. However, what happens when we are too emotionally overwhelmed to help someone else? This blog post and video discuss how we can practice self-care so that we are able to reduce burnout and are better able to take care of ourselves and others. Read More

Did you ever want to be a Superhero? What do Batman, Harry Potter, and The Doctor teach us about facing our fears

Did you ever wish that you could have amazing Superpowers or that you would suddenly discover that you were really a witch or a wizard? Many of us often wish for special powers, especially when times are rough and we might just want to find our strength in something. It’s often for this reason that we tend to relate to fictional characters that have undergone similar experiences to us.  Read More

Talk Nerdy to Me

While there is still a lot of stigma and bullying that many fellow geeks face each and every day, I am thrilled to see such a vast growth and expansion of geek culture around the world.
I’d like to propose a virtual toast to celebrate this occasion and propose the song below as an official geek/nerd anthem: