You are loved

As we go through our day we may get so wrapped up in what we are doing we may forget to notice the beauty around us. But this post is not abound falling in love with the trees and bumble bees. This post is about falling in love with ourselves.

You are beautiful.

This may be hard to hear. You may even start getting angry at me for saying this or immediately start looking for reasons to prove me wrong by finding what you may consider to be flaws in your appearance. But the truth is that you are beautiful. Overwhelmingly, tears in my eyes kind of beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when we give ourselves a chance to enjoy the beauty around us, whether it is a person or a sunset, it can take our breath away. In fact, just as we can fall in love with another person, we too can fall in love with art, and music, and majestic scenery.

It is much harder to notice that kind of beauty within ourselves. Why is that?

One of the reasons is because we spend so much of our life criticizing ourselves and finding flaws, which we believe may make us unattractive that we condition ourselves to treat mirrors as an opportunity to fixate on and hide those flaws. It is no wonder that looking at ourselves, or even more so, being seen by others, really seen, can make us uncomfortable. We may believe that people are looking at us because they see the same flaws in us that we do.

But what if that were not the case? What if I was to tell you that you are beautiful? So very beautiful that I am glowing just thinking of your smile.

This is exactly what Shea Glover, thought when she conducted an experiment at her high school, in which she told students and teachers that she was taking pictures of the things she found beautiful.

I want to leave you with a wish that you can glance into a mirror today and see what I see – a breathtakingly beautiful person. And I hope that you can fall in love with the person that you see in the mirror.

Because you are loved. More than you may ever know.


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